Political Correctness has hit the Comic-Con World, now I am offended!!!!

I was going to wait till after the first of the year to revamp my blog and start anew.  However, I have been thrown for a loop.   Yesterday Emerald City Comic Con posted the Thursday “Tales from the Con”.  They deleted it few hours later. Why?  Because they caved into a feminists PC bullpuck! The subject matter of the comic was booth babes.

For those of you who did not see it, here is a link to a screen shot that I took from someone elses’ blog. (Please note, neither myself nor the other blogger had permission to show the cartoon) Tales from the Con 12/27/12.  People complained that it was sexist and offensive.   Really people, it is a four panel cartoon, not a Playboy or Penthouse spread.  (Also, I am wondering if the offended parties have ever been to  Comic Convention?) When you go to a Con, there are booth babe, aka hot girls who may or may not know anything about the product behind them to entice guys, and some girls, into stopping at the booth to view the wares.  It is no different than the vendors at Faerieworlds who had bubble machines going to attract children, so the adults in charge of them would have to stop by.  It is tried and true marketing technique that has been used by vendors, probably since Cons first started.

Slack jawed guys staring at them is no different from they guys staring at the chicks dressed like Slave Leia or Laura Croft.  It is no different then me staring at the guy who dressed like Hawkman last year at ECC or the tattooed Punisher at Rose City Comic Con.  Both genders are going to be checking out the cosplayers, can anyone forget the Silversurfer in nothing but silver paint and silver tighty-whities…Two years in a row. I know I won’t, I even have photos.  For Jane Doe to have gotten her knickers in a bunch and called the comic sexist and followed it up by  linking  to a blog that echoed her views its seems unbelievable, unless she adverts her eyes when there is a hot guy (or gal) in a costume at a Con.  Unless it is a case of the lady doth protest too much, and  she is just a hypocrite.

But back to how ECC handled the squeaky wheel: Not only did the comic strip come down off Facebook and their website, but  Jim Demonakos offered an apology for everyone that they offended with the comic strip on the ECC Facebook page.  Because someone was offended by something that is part of Comic-Con culture, he felt the need to apologise.  If it were not for the fact that I have already spend the almost $300 on tickets for myself, DH, and our friends to go to ECC (I would lose money to resell the tickets), plus my family member has booked their timeshare for our use; I would seriously consider changing our annual tradition to a Con that is not going to give into the PC police.