Living La Vida Loca Isn’t Just a Catchy Ricky Martin Song

 So the blog has been silent for a year, totally my fault. I let life get in the way of blogging. (I know how could I). 2013 was not nice to me, so I was glad to bid it adieu. Friends, family members, and coworkers all made trips to the otherside. Unfortunately most were unexpected trips. DH (Darling Husband) and the bank call center parted ways, meaning months of unemployment and temp jobs for him. Myself ran into some issues at work that put me on the “naughty list” and got me transferred back to my old department as part of the punishment. (Insert eyes rolling) We got new property managers who promptly raised the rent. I lost and gained friends. Found my oldest best friend, we are talking before kindergarten. Last but not least my PTSD decided to become a fully active anxiety disorder, go me!
My shelf at work for no  reason.

My Shelf photo 2014-01-31101040_zps878afdad.jpg

2013 was not all bad, here are the good things that came out of it:
1. A Family For Every Child: DH and I decided that we are going going to expand our family through adoption. More specifically, a child with special needs from foster care. That is why we we choose AFFEC, all they handle is Foster Care adoptions. So far we haven’t been chosen but the right match will come along. They can be found on the web at
2. Special Olympics: I had voluntold DH to be an assistant bowling coach, the previous fall, so he graciously helped out with our Athletics team. He even took park in the Torch Run.(For those who don’t know, the Torch Run is ran by law enforcement officers in support of Special O.) I thought he was was going to pass out but he made it. He is also now part of the Local Program Management Team and my assistant basketball coach (Go ThunderCats!). So its truly a family event. If you have the time and inclination to volunteer, you might try your local program.
3. Kickstarter: No I didn’t fund anything on Kickstarter, but I did help out two great projects: Project London and nail wraps by Espionage Cosmetics. I will write about both projects in later posts to give them the attention they deserve. For those that don’t know Kickstarter is a place where people can go online to have their projects funded, once they have the how’s to do it worked out. The “backers” usually receive something in relation to the project for their donation. Basically you give what you can to be part of something big.
4. I made a difference as a person at work. I submitted my previous blog post on mental illness in the workplace to the Diversity Council at work. They had me tweak it a little, and it was posted on the internal website. I received over a dozen emaie from people throughout the organization thanking me for speaking out.
That’s all for now. Stay nerdy my friends.

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