#GGBC Review of The Beekeeper’s Apprentice by Laurie R King

When this book came up for book club I was not sue which way it was going to go.  I not usually a fan of mysteries unless there is an alien or supernatural bent to it.  I like my sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk,and urban fantasy.  But hey, it’s book club, so let’s give it a whirl. I was also not thrilled to be reading yet another book with a 15 year old heroine.  (The book jacket did not mention that it covered a span of a few years. I was glad that she grew up and were not mired with teenaged melodrama.)  I also hated that the first chapter was about the “mysterious box”  being delivered the “editor” of the book, that kind of set up usually annoys me. It is no different than finding the trunk in grandma’s attic.  I was prepared to force myself to read the book.

When Mary first all but mows Sherlock over because she was reading her book and walking it reminded me chuckle. (My husband is pushes the shopping card in the grocery store while reading forums on his phone and doesn’t always see me stop.  Then it is my fault for stopping. :))  From the minute Mary opens her mouth she seems to shock Sherlock with her knowledge and spirit.  He is impressed and is entertained for lack of a better word,

Mrs. Hudson is basically flabbergasted by the changes in her “Mr. Holmes” when he shows up with this young girl. In all of the stories, no matter who writes them, she is seems as much mother as landlady/housekeeper.  Watson is always the friend who tries to save Sherlock from himself.   Mary seems to be the fix; that he has needed for his friend.

I almost wonder if Sherlock sees in Mary a young Irene Adler that he can mold for good and not for a life of crime.  I believe that he will be no more shocked than anyone else when he realizes that he is in love with Mary.  She not just an apprentice but an equal. She is just a clever as he is, but I do not think she will injure him like the rest of the female species.

Mary has striven for Sherlock to respect her from the beginning and to be treated as an equal. She is a strong female lead.  However, her irritation with Watson before meeting, struck me almost as a type of jealousy.  He was hers and Watson did not treat him like she thought he needed to.  I wonder how she is going to react later on if/when Irene Adler enters the story in some way?

I am looking forward to reading “A Monstrous Regiment of Women”, as soon as the Salem Public Library pulls it for me.  There are no dragons, space stations, airships, or mutants but I look forward to advancing in this series none the less.  Good job Ms. King, you brought the reader off her shelf . 🙂


Technical Artistry Salon in Salem, Oregon

Salemites, actually folks in the entire Willamette Valley, have you heard of Technical Artistry Salon in the heart of downtown Salem? If not, you should have. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful an experience it is to get your hair done there.

Its not your typical salon, you don’t point a photo in a hair book and say make me look like that. At my first appointment, it felt more like I had gone to the hair doctor and not a hair salon. They find out what you want from your hair, what you have like in the past, didn’t like in the past, and what you want from it now. Jack, the owner and my hair god, even examined the dimensions of my features. (My eyes are symmetrical but one ear sits back further then the other :)) I was a natural blond who looked half albino, but now I am a sassy brunette. I always get complimented on my hair and people have assumed the brunette is the natural color.

You can see samples of their work on their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/technicalartistry) and their website http://techartsalon.com/ . You will also see listings of their services and prices. I know you can get your hair cut and colored for cheaper at the mall…but I have never had to have someone else fix what anyone at Technical Artistry has done to my hair. Also, the mall doesn’t use aromatherapy products and you have to deal the fact that you are at the mall.

When you call for an appointment, tell Jack, Kris or Jenny that Jeni sent you. You won’t be disappointed.

Beware of Elevators: Part Deux

So the arm is not broken, but I did manage to tear the muscle and possibly the tendon.  Who knew that an elevator slamming on your arm could do that much to it.  According the “Industrial Medicine” doctor for the next two weeks it is: Sympathy, Rest, and Tylenol. 

 I am not supposed to be move, lift, push, etc anything heavier then 5 lbs with my right arm.  I can only pick up one of our 4 cats with that arm….what can I say, I think my husband feeds them KGH (Kitty Growth Hormone).  I realized today that most of the doors weigh more then 5 lbs at work.  Also I think my hair dryer is in that category. 😦 Its gonna be a long 2 weeks.

Beware of Elevators

Apparently elevators can get hungry.  They must be fed or enter at  your own peril.

How do I know this you ask?  Well, elevator number 3 at my job tried to eat me on Friday.  I am not kidding.  The frakking thing tried to eat my elbow after I pushed a cart of old computer stuff into it.  My boss thought it wasn’t serious when I said I need to fill out an incident form because I was attacked by the elevator.  I am accident prone and paranoid, I wanted to fill out the form incase it got worse and I needed to fill put a workers’ comp claim.  My roots may be blond but I am not dumb, sometime injuries take a day or two to come to the surface.

Friday it was a small bruise maybe the width of my pinky.  The bruise progressively got bigger but nothing that seemed to need medical attention…then I woke up today (Tuesday).  My arm was really sore and stiff, slightly swollen.  I figured I slept on it wrong or it was a fibromyalgia thing. Just really sore and I don’t function well in the mornings so I wasn’t giving the pain much thought.  My darling husband drove me to work today, and as I was unfastening my seatbelt he commented “You are really are stiff today.”  As I started to respond with a snarky “No chit Sherlock”…it dawned on me that it was the elbow that the elevator thought resembled a Scooby-Snack.

Since I have an HMO, I have to wait to see the doctor at their “industrial medicine” clinic tomorrow.  Until then,  it hurts to reach to grab things on my desk… and delivering or picking up IT stuff for the field techs…not really going to happen. 

The moral of the story..Beware of elevators, they can and will bite, unlike your neighbors’ well behaved pit bull.  Who know when you can get into the doctor for treatment? 🙂  From now on, I am dropping cookie crumbs down the gap to feed what ever monster controls elevator number 3.  It is not worth loosing a limb over.