#GGBC Review of Dragonflight by Anne McCafferty

Was this sci-fi or fantasy?  There were dragons and telepathy, but it was descendant of Earth who traveled by spacecraft to the plant and the “dragons” were an indigenous species.  That is a debate for another time.


As to the book its self, it was pretty good.  However, my problem with it was the fact the McCafferty doesn’t delve into what makes the interpersonal relationships work. I had no problem with F’lar going from being a major pain in Lyssa’s behind one day and the sprinkles on her sunday the next.  (There are days when sending my husband to the former planet Pluto sounds brilliant.)  But what about him makes her chest go squishy? (My husband learned the difference between the Tardis and a Dalek, and he doesn’t really watch Doctor Who.)

F’lar and F’nor are half-brothers.  Okay, on which side of the branch?  The family tree split somewhere.  Why was F’nor willing to go ten years into the past with Little-Miss-I-Want-To-Snog-Every-Thing-With-Three-Legs Kylara, just cause F’lar asked him too? When he popped back for a bit he wasn’t too happy about it.  There has to be a reason why he jumped when brother says so.

Why did F’lar and R’gul treat each other with an almost hostile indifference?  There had to have been a conflict in the past.

I need these little details about the relationships to be more invested in the characters.  It took away from my enjoyment of the book.  The action, history, scenery, etc was magnificently done.  I just needed the interpersonal details. 😦